Smiles All Around

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Behind The Posts

I grew up in the type of family that did everything ourselves. We built our own deck, painted every room and redid every bit of flooring possible. If the roof collapsed randomly in the middle of the night, you know my family would be up there right then to do everything we could.  

So, naturally, just like any other kid, I was always holding heavy things above my head for extremely long periods of time. One wrong move or action and the ladder or car top would crash down on myself and everyone I love.

This is how I’ve lived my life. Don’t worry, I’m not constantly walking around with a massive ladder above my head. Rather, it feels like I have something much heavier, always lingering. One wrong move or action, and the whole thing comes crashing down on myself and everyone I love. At least, that's what I’ve always thought. I’ve never been brave enough to actually let go.

This website is going to show you the weight and hopefully let some of mine rest. Writing has always been a friend to me. Something I can always go to in times of trouble with full trust that what I say will never go anywhere without my full control. My closest confidant, my greatest friend and my favorite hobby. The act of writing has simply always fascinated me.

This website is for everyone who feels the same as I do. It’s truly amazing what just knowing that you’re not alone in this fight you're fighting. Just knowing can make the pain ease a little bit. I will try to put my thoughts into words the best I can and I hope they will resonate with you.

And finally, this website will show you how I've learned to make the weight a little less painful. I’ve gone through a lot to learn these lessons the hard way and my greatest hope would to be like an older sister to each and every reader, no matter the age. I’m insanely young, I know. I’ve only lived a small handful of years, but I feel that I’ve learned so much within this time. I’m considering this my checkpoint. If anything goes wrong along the road, I can always come back to this point.

So I hope you enjoy. I hope you take note. And I hope you find the weight lifts as you read along.


Best wishes,