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Little Bits of Happy

The beauty around us

Posted on October 30, 2015 at 12:10 AM

You just started reading this and I know that this is weird but I'm going to ask you to stop. Stop reading and just sit. Look to the left, the right and maybe up if your really liking it. Now while you were looking around, did you see something beautiful? In most cases regardless of where you are, there is something incredible right before your eyes just waiting to be seen by you. Currently, I am in a classroom looking about seeing other students, and I still find beauty here. I see people who have come so far and they have an entire life up for them just like I do and they are just as valuable, loved, cherished just as I am and I find that beautiful. If your outside, look at the grass and see how great it is that there is grass! There are things like tress and animals and that's incredible! Or if your in a city of some sort, just look at those buildings! Once upon a time someone was so passionate about building and they saw the little space that your looking at now and said "hey I'm gonna build something great there". THATS AMAZING! If your at a sporting event or something artsy, that's beautiful too!! There are people around you who are interested in what they are looking at if not actually in it! If they're an athlete think about how much work they have put in to get to this point! Just look round you every so often and I promise you, you'll find something incredible. It's so easy to become almost numb in a way to everything incredible around us. For example, let's see you watch a plane as its flying above you. It's just a plane right? No! Does it make sense to you that something made of metal and tons of pounds can fly about your head for miles upon miles? No it doesn't but it happens every single day and that is an example of something incredible. We are surrounded by beautiful things every single day but you have to be able to want to see it. To say "hey this situation I'm in isn't so great but hey, look how beautiful this is". A long time ago I didn't see how incredible the world is and I was sad a big amount of my time. But then I thought of this and I decided and I fought for my eyes to see incredible things beyond measure. If I could do it, you can do it to. Now, go find something beautiful.


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