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Little Bits of Happy

Happiness is key

Posted on October 15, 2015 at 10:35 AM

Sometimes life can be hard and it can get you down a lot. That's how life is regardless of who you are, how rich you are or the amount of friends you have. Life has this inevitable way of kicking us all down. Then why do you say life is beautiful so much? If we're all having a hard time, then why is life so great? You see life can be bad and it can just suck sometimes. But life is beautiful because it can be all of that, and so much more. Life can be filled with experiences beyond comprehension, amazing people, so much love and even more smiles. How can you get all of those things? You live your life regardless of all of the bad. You look for the positivity and chase after it. Sometimes you may think that there is no positive to a situation you're in and sometimes you might be right. But you must search for it. Sometimes it might be the smallest speck you've ever seen and smaller than a grain of sand. But if you work and fight for it, it is so incredibly worth it. One of my many favorite people Lily Singh has a quote I love a lot. "Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life." I really love this because it tells you that the most important thing in your life, more than your boyfriend or girlfriend, more than you parents, more than your popularity, more than anything in the world, is happiness. Everything else should simply be your second priority. Now I get that some of you might say that those things make you happy and though that might be true, I'm talking about a different kind of happy. The happy that if you were to loose everything tomorrow you'd still be happy with yourself. Are you happy with yourself regardless of your situation? That is a question I want you to ask yourself that questions right now and answer 100% honestly. If your answer is no, pleas work on it. You can do it. I'm positive of that. If your answer is yes, don't be too satisfied with that. Work on being happier or help others be happier. You can spread all of that positive energy everywhere!

Love you all a lot,


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