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Depression and Anxiety

Posted on October 2, 2015 at 12:30 AM


Hia everyone!

This week I want to be 100% serious with you all. Depression and anxiety is such a serious topic and I honestly never know what to say. First, let me tell you that this isn't going to be a "just be happy and everything will be okay" kind of post because that's simply not how it works. When you have depression or anxiety it's not like you want to don't want to see the sun, it's the sun doesn't exist to you. You cannot see it and you don't know why your like this so you blame yourself. Or with anxiety, your just sitting in a chair but you feel as if your underwater and if you don't do something, your gonna die. Your brain simply can't fathom happiness and you don't feel like living. Now I'm not telling you that everyone with depression or anxiety are like this all the time. I've met people with both and sometimes they can have the best day. But other days, they don't talk because they feel like every problem is hitting them at the same time. We must be patient with one another. I'll agree, sometimes it's hard to try to talk to someone when they are having problems because you don't know what to say. You don't want to say the wrong thing but you also want to tell them how much you truly adore them and you want to help. One thing I'm going to tell you all if you know someone who has this problem, is don't say that they are choosing to be unhappy and choosing to have this problem because that isn't a thing with depression and anxiety. What you can say is I'm here for you, I love you and your here to support them. The point of that is to tell them that even though you might not be going through the same thing as them, that you are supporting them regardless and your going to be a shoulder for them. Then, you have to follow through. Check them constantly to make sure they're alright and be their shoulder. Don't be the person who does the one and done type deal because depression and anxiety isn't a one and done type situation. But if I am talking to someone right now who has depression or anxiety, please reach out for help. I know it's incredibly hard or you might think that it's weak, but that's not right. If anything, you are strong for needing help. So many people these days are scared to ask for any kind of help so when someone does, they're so strong to just go for it. By getting help you'll be uncomfortable a lot but I promise you that it's better to be uncomfortable but to be getting better, than being unhappy all the time. I want you all to challenge yourself this week and try to either reach out a hand for someone else or ask for help. This is how we'll change the world. By simply helping each other.


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