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Dealing With Death

Posted on September 11, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Hi there everyone!

This week we are talking about a subject that fortunately, I don't have much of an experience on. The topic is death of our loved ones. The other day I got an email from this amazing kid that I've known in the past. He told me about the death of his grandfather when he was very young and how hard it was on the entire family, but mostly his mom. He told me how devastated she was and how hard it was to see her like that. I'm not going to tell you that it's easy to get over death and you should just be positive because when someone you love dies, it feels like you can't breathe without them. We do this thing to ourselves where we remember everything that has happened with that person but you have regrets. You tell yourself that you should have hugged them longer, talked to them more, and tried harder to spend time with them. Although this is normal, it hurts. You don't get to see that special someone again. In the story he told me about how amazing his grandfather and what he did in his life time. He survived so much but in the end, couldn't take cancer twice. Though he died years ago, he told me how his mother still cries every so often, but she got herself to smile again by listening to an old voicemail he left her before he passed. The point of this, is to show anyone who is dealing with death currently or anyone who has dealt with death to relate to. Unfortunately, we all have to have loved ones die just like each and every one of us will. That's why we need to live now. Live while you can every second. Laugh a lot, eat a lot, and be the kindest person you can be. Live your life every single day as if it might be your last because you never know when you are someone you love might go away from you. When someone you love is gone away, you can be sad because that means your human, but please remember that the end of their life does not mean it's the end of yours. Things will get better and the sun will come out again. If you've ever lost anyone you love or just have, it's okay you've got this. Now, go live your life with the time you have left.


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