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Cyber bullying

Posted on April 22, 2015 at 10:40 PM

Hello guys!

In this day and age we are so incredibly caught up in our technology. We validate ourselves on the amount of likes we get on a picture or followers we have as if it's that important. But what happens when we use it to attack each other? Some people hide behind screens commenting awful things to hurt others without consequence or trouble. They want to be mean but don't want to be the problem. You never know how much you are truly hurting someone because you can't see them behind the screen. I promise you, if you said what you said online straight to the persons face, you would see what it does and stop, right? Cyber bullying and attacks are the most cowardly thing to do. My tip, ALWAYS think before you type. Imagine getting that comment yourself and how you would take it. ALWAYS choose to be kind and ALWAYS stand up for others and against bullying.


P.s. I am so incredibly sorry for last week and the technical difficulties we've been facing. I've been working on it and worrying about it endlessly. Patience is key in these hard times and we can get through this.

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