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Little Bits of Happy

"How to stay positive"

Posted on April 8, 2015 at 3:15 PM

Hi guys!

How do you stay so positive? I get this question quite a bit considering on most days it's nearly impossible to find me without a smile. People don't realize that it's a "how to" but more like a "just do". Bad things happen everyday. It's a fact of life that with the good comes the bad. But I have some tips for all of you that you can try out everyday.

1. Just smile. It's kinda simple but by just smiling everyday at everyone makes not only you but everyone else happy too. If your having a bad day plaster a smile on until it's better. It helps, I promise.

2. Dress up a little bit. If your having a bad day there is no doubt in my mind that this won't cheer you up. When you dress up in your favorite dress or suit, you feel good about how you look. Sometimes I show up way to overdressed for things. But in the end when your happy, who cares.

3. Complete a random act of kindness. I've written about this before but I cannot tell you how amazing it truly is. In my opinion, nothing is more pleasing that a smile and a thank you. You don't know what kind of things that stranger might have been doing or what kind of day they've been having, but you might have just made it a little better. That's amazing!!

4. Do something you love. By just doing something you love you can lift your mood higher than ever. Work on it and exercise your talent everyday until you have it forever.

5. Surround yourself with positive people. I wrote about this last week but I cannot stress how important it is. By just putting yourself in positive atmospheres, it's nearly impossible to be unhappy for long.

Remember, by no means am I saying I'm a perfect human being that's always happy. I'm saying that we are all humans that have bad things happen to us, but we can choose whether or not we want to keep the negativity around us. This week, make yourself the happiest you you can be, and see if your life changes.


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